When ordering a Natura Home you do not have to worry about anything. We will help you to configure your dream home. All materials and equipment used are checked by us. They will certainly be durable and comfortable to use. If you do not have a plot of land on which you can build a house, we will be happy to present you our proposals in our Nature Park housing estates.  From placing the order you will be only a few weeks away to live in your own house Natura Home.

How does this work?


Configure your dream house


Place an order


The house will be built in a factory
in Poland and will be available in 6 weeks


Choose a location in Nature Park
or prepare your own plot


Delivery on site


Installation of the house in 1 day


The finished building is assembled on foundations prepared earlier on the plot. You will receive detailed guidelines from us on how to prepare it.

Before starting to design the foundation, check the load-bearing capacity of the ground at a depth of ~3m below the foundation.

Depending on the load-bearing capacity of the soil, we suggest placing the foundation on footing, benches or a foundation plate.

The building can be connected to the following media: water, electricity, and sewage. We will provide diagrams with exact location and guidelines for connection. It is up to the investor to formally agree with the network operators and prepare the connections on the plot before installation.

House upon construction notification requirement

Free-standing one-storey individual recreation buildings, with a building area of up to 35m², does not require a building permit.

There can be no more than one building on the plot, for every 500m² of the plot area.

The consent of the relevant office must be obtained, which is issued on the basis of submitted documents. You will need the following documents:

Confirmation of the right to the land, for example on the basis of an extract from the land register. Confirmation of suitability of the land for development based on the assigned land category. Confirmation of the designation of the land for recreational development. This information may come from an extract from the land register or from the Local Development Plan.

Appropriate sketches or drawings. Drawings with a projection and building cross-section will be provided by us. The location of the building on the plot should be shown on a master map.

Confirmation of access to the public road. Access can be either direct or via an internal road or via an easement of passage.

The master map - to be obtained from the geodesy department of the county district office.

Remember that this is not a closed list. Other documents may also be required as part of the application.


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We will reply to you as soon as possible - most of your requests are answered within 24 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact the hotline: 12 345 55 56.
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