I would like to build your house on a plot, can I build it without a building permit?
Yes, our houses are designed so that they do not require a building permit.
is it possible to see the finished house?
Of course, we have several locations where you can see the finished houses. The addresses of show houses are available in the Contact page.
Is it possible to choose the colors of the inside and outside of the building?
It is possible to choose individual color elements, they are presented at the finalization of the order and thoroughly discussed to make our customers feel at home, cosy and according to their preferences.
What is the minimum plot size?
The minimum plot size is 500 m². In case of a building permit, the minimum size of the plot depends on the local zoning plan or building conditions.
What does the customer have to prepare for the foundation of the building?
Providing access for trucks, preparing and hardening of the ground, supplying utilities, ordering crane service (4t x arm), connecting utilities installation.
Do the houses have a guarantee?
Yes, the houses have a 5-year warranty.

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